The Best FTP/Library Viewer WordPress Plugin

With Library Viewer you can display the containing files and the containing folders of a “specific folder” of your (FTP) server to your users in the front-end.


What Library Viewer Offers

The significant difference from other similar plugins is the following functionalities.

Folders & Files Listing

Library Viewer lists all folders & files from a predefined folder.

Restrict File Opening

Restrict file opening depending on user status(role/capability).
If is not logged in, redirect to the login page.

Custom File Viewer

Allow users to view files in a custom viewer or redirect them through a RESTful web service of your choice.

Exclude specific folders & files

Exclude from the listing specific folders and files depending on their names and extensions. 

The No. 1 Solution for documents websites

If you have a website with many documents PDFs, images etc. and you want to present them in an organized way to your users, you can do it with Library Viewer! 


Pro features

What do you get if you buy Library Viewer Pro edition

Display the folder of your choice

With Library Viewer Pro you can display folders & files of a directory (in FTP) of your choice, not only library directory that you can with the free version

Use shortcode multiple times in page

With Library Viewer Pro you can use the shortcode [library-viewer] multiple times in the same page without restrictions.

Exclude the folders & files of your choice

With Library Viewer Pro you can set the names of folders & files that you don't want to displaying in the front-end.

Seconds of waiting

In the Library Viewer Pro you can set the seconds of user is waiting the redirection, as you like
(0: for instant redirect).

URLs as you like

With Library Viewer Pro you can change/filter the URL structure (change space delimiter of URLs, file identifier etc.)

Show only files

Hide the breadcrumb and all the containing folders, so display only the files.

Download Library Viewer today

Download the plugin today and start viewing your files to your users

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