Avoid spam comments on your WordPress website using Facebook api

Maybe you want to your website’s users to give the ability to comment on your posts or pages.

But what about spam?

“I have used Akismet plugin, but I continue getting spam comments approvals requests”

“I often get emails of comments, that are from bots.”

What can we do?

There are many solutions that promise to get rid of spam comments, such as Akismet plugin.

In this post, I will suggest another easy way to get rid of the spam comments.

The Facebook Comments instead of the WordPress built-in comments.

WordPress Plugin

Install the Fancy Comments WordPress Plugin, go to the plugin’s settings page and set the post types that Facebook comments form will be appeared.

Important Notices

  • Now, your users need to have a Facebook account in order to leave a comment in your website.
  • The bots cannot leave a comment!!!
  • With the free version of the plugin, you cannot moderate new comments. (You can do it with the Pro version of the plugin)
  • Now, users cannot leave an anonymous comment….